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Four-Dimensional Earthquake Deformation Using Ant Colony Based Pareto Algorithm PDF
Maged Marghany
This work has demonstrated a new approach for 4-D phase unwrapping technique to retrieve earthquake displacement due to the fact of Nepal earthquake, 2015. In doing so, conventional InSAR procedures are implemented to two repeat passes of Sentinel-1A satellite data. Further, the three-dimensional phase unwrapping is performed using Flynn algorithm, four-dimensional best-path avoiding singularity loops (4-DBPASL) algorithm and Pareto ant colony algorithm. The study shows that the Pareto ant colony algorithm performed accurately compared to Flynn algorithm, four-dimensional best-path avoiding singularity loops (4-DBPASL) algorithm. In conclusion, integration of the Pareto ant colony algorithm with 4-DBPASLphase unwrapping produce accurate 4-D. Earthquake deformation because of reducing the length of the branch cuts and improving the quality edge of phase unwrapping.

A Survey of Devices for Analyzing Electricity Consumption PDF
P. Ozoh, A. Adigun, S. Abd-Rahman, L. Omotosho
In this paper, a review of the devices used in collecting, measuring, analyzing and monitoring electric power consumption are presented. These devices are an integral part of embedded systems. The relevant concepts related to challenges in the energy sector are presented, and one method of identifying solution to these challenges is by using a reliable power meter for collecting and monitoring electricity consumption. To obtain recommended devices for data collection and monitoring of electricity consumption, an extensive review of relevant power meters used for data collection is conducted. The information compiled focuses on some of the characteristics of these meters. In carrying out a comprehensive study of these devices, the qualities and benefits of these devices (ease of operation and installation, ability to monitor appliance usage in the building all day, and the ability to reset during power outages) are clearly identified.

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