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The Role of Information System Flows in Fulfilling Customers' Individual Orders PDF
Paula Bajdor, Iwona Grabara
Being aware of the role that an information system in the company plays and its impact on individual processes, this article presents an information system used in the selected company. The first part discusses the essence of an information system, while in the second part of the article all the processes occurring in the studied company have been described, together with the information accompanying them.

Appraisal of Multivocality in Both Versions of the Novel 10:01 PDF
Ladan Modir, Sohaimi Abdul Aziz, Leila Modir
This paper compared the concept of multivocality in the narrative structures of both printed and hypertext versions of the postmodern novel 10:01 by Lance Olsen. The motivation behind this assessment is to point to specific aspects of its implication and reader's experiences while interacting with numerous characters. The purpose of this paper is to account for changing reader's role, which is reinforced by multivocality in an interactive environment. This evaluation indicated that how mutivocality in the digital environment fosters readers' different roles to engage in a story and incorporate their identities toward fictional characters. Further, it would prove that reading and interpretation of printed texts are far more participatory when readers encounter various layers of meaning in a digital space. Recognition that some English novels are renovated by introduction of the internet and digital space, this paper is an inevitable area of research.

Seh Amongraga's Moral Teachings about Family Rights and Obligations in Serat Centhini PDF
Sutrisna Wibawa
Seh Amongraga is a main character in Serat Centhini who is a wali. As wali, his teachings contain high moral values so that they need to be known by society at large. Therefore, the moral teachings need to be further studied. Those discussed in the study concerned in this writing are limited to those about rights and obligations in the family. The purpose of the study is to unearth and formulate Seh Amongraga's moral teachings about the family rights and obligations as seen from the viewpoint of moral philosophy. Serving as primary source in the study is the text in Serat Centhini while literature and research result discussing Serat Centhini serve as secondary source. The research procedure goes through the steps of data compilation, data reduction, data classification, data display, and the drawing of conclusion. The data are analyzed by means of hermeneutic and heuristic methods. The result of the study is that Seh Amongraga's moral teachings about family rights and obligations as seen from the viewpoint of moral philosophy are reflected in his efforts to actualize the values of the rights and obligations with reference to sibling and wife as good guideline of behavior in the family. The moral teachings are norm references as guidelines for a person or a group of people in regulating behavior and as criteria in determining whether one's attitudes and acts in the family are good or not.

Drug Abuse and Political Thuggery among the Youth in Kano Metropolis:A Modern Civilization or Resource Mismanagement? PDF
Ali Ado Siro
Most of the world's development strategies largely depend on the youth. This societal segment is believed to assist in producing sustained economy, social justice and stable democracy of a nation. It is therefore very important if the society could produce qualitative youth to make these a reality. The thrust of this research is to understand the relationship between drug abuse among the youth and political thuggery in Kano Metropolis with a view to proffer solutions to the problem.Youth were interviewed from some selected drug abuse joints using questionnaire. Also, some drug abuse specialists were contacted to generate relevant information. Majority of the youth interviewed were at their tender ages of inducing their peers and involve in political thuggery that calls for rivalry, killings, injuries, opposition clashes etc.The data indicate that majority of the drug abusers are employed, although economic factors suchas profit maximization encourage drug abuse habit among them. Lack of higher educational qualifications is another factor that pushes the youth into drug abuse and subsequently to politically related crimes. Similarly, political thuggery is a factor responsible for drug abuse among the youth in the study area.The study concludes that in order to attain a virile state of political integration, parents should monitor their children's movements and the company they keep; marital disputes should be avoided by the couples themselves; leaders should stop using the youth in achieving their personal political interests; and religious leaders should be more involved in the youth's upbringing.

Egoism and Altruism: the "Antagonists" or the "Brothers"? PDF
L. Z. Levit
The article under consideration deals with the theoretical analysis and the practical research of the ratio between the two notions: egoism and altruism. The author shows the inadequacy of the one-sided, morally loaded interpretations of both terms. The scores of two ESM-investigations mostly show the positive correlation between the "egoism" and the "altruism" scales in a person's everyday activity. The results obtained give the opportunity to replace the inadequate view on egoism and altruism as opposites by a more appropriate metaphor of the older and the younger brother. Such an approach removes the idea of antagonism which is usually ascribed to the egoism-altruism interrelation.

The Impact of the Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons on West African States: An Analysis of the Sierra Leone Civil War PDF
Abiodun Joseph Oluwadare
The article is undertaken through the lenses of a documentary narrative that provides details of the history of political power challenges in Sierra Leone and its culmination in the destructive civil war from 1991 till the war was declared over in 2002. Furthermore, the central role of the illicit use of small arms and light weapons to prosecute the war, especially by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is highlighted. Here, the proliferation of SALW and the negative implications of the ease with which it could be sought, obtained and deployed is interrogated. Also, the paper discusses the importance of regulating access to small arms and light weapons in the post-conflict area because of the consequences on future security concerns.In the final analysis, the article highlights the various regional initiatives aimed at curbing the menace of the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons. In conclusion, an all-encompassing approach is recommended to ensure the total elimination of illicit dealing in small arms and light weapons; there must be an articulated regulatory framework acceptable to all stakeholders, for there to exist a modicum of national security within West African states, and by extension, a secure sub-region.

Influence of Rhetorical Pattern on Improving EFL Students' Reading Comprehension PDF
Maryam Jalilehvand, Moses Samuel
Schema theory states that recall of information relayed by the rhetorical patterns which offer extra linkage should be better than that of the descriptive schema. Since in Iran there is no schemata of rhetorical patterns in the native language, little research has been conducted. The present study, therefore, intends to investigate the effect of rhetorical patterns on Iranian high school students' reading comprehension. Participating in this study were 85 female students. One expository text with two rhetorically different patterns was used in this study. Using a between-subjects design, the subjects were divided into two groups. One group of students read the descriptive text while the other group read the causative text. The participants' reading comprehension was measured by recall protocol and cloze test. The results of the statistical analysis indicated that the subjects who read the causative text performed better than the subjects who read the descriptive text. This suggested that rhetorical pattern offers a guarantee for Iranian high school students that their comprehension will improve.

An Exploration of the Relationship between Psychological Capital and the Emotional Labor of Taiwanese Preschool Teachers PDF
Ching-Sheue FU
Preschool teachers interact with both children and adults every day; thus, they have to keep their emotions under control all the time. This constitutes "emotional labor." Psychological capital is a combination of the concepts "positive psychology" and "capital". This study was aimed at an exploration of whether preschool teachers' emotional labor is influenced by their psychological capital, and whether their psychological capital is gradually lost as a result of having to continuously expend emotional labor. 390 samples were adapted to explore the relationship between psychological capital and emotional labor in Taiwanese preschool teachers. This study also discussed the human resource management issues related to preschool teachers based on the research results and proposed some suggestions for future research.

The Complicated Relations to the Adoption of Knowledge Management PDF
Quang Linh HUYNH, David Han-Min WANG
Knowledge is regarded as an essential asset in organizations. It plays an important role in building organizational core knowledge grounded on competences that give competitive advantages to the organizations to outperform their competitors. However, the adoption of knowledge management is associated to other factors such as the perceived usefulness of knowledge management, environmental uncertainty and organizational structure. In this research, we employ quantitative research methodology particularly using factor analyses and structural equation modeling analyses to investigate the relationships associated with the adoption of knowledge management. Further, we apply Sobel's procedure to explore the mediating role of the perception toward the usefulness of knowledge management. The findings reveal that the adoption of knowledge management is statistically associated with the perceived usefulness of knowledge management, organizational structure and environmental uncertainty. There are statistically significant mediating effects of the perceived usefulness of knowledge management on the relationships of adopting knowledge management with organizational structure as well as with environmental uncertainty. This research has some implications on how the managers, facing different types of organizational structure and different levels of environmental uncertainty should adopt knowledge management in business.

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