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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Practices and OSHA Performance in Malaysian Automotive Industry PDF
Auni Fatin Nadia Chiek Desa, Nurul Fadly Habidin, Siti Norhafizan Hibadullah, Nursyazwani Mohd Fuzi, Farah Izzaida Mohd Zamri
This paper addresses the issues of occupational safety and health administration practices (OSHAP) and the occupational safety and health administration performances (OSHAPM) that influence by the practices in Malaysian Automotive Industry. This paper also proposed structural relationship OSHAP and OSHAPM model. The implementation of OSHAP is widely believed that it can increase the OSHAPM in automotive industry. This paper discusses the OSHAP which are safety culture, employee involvement, employee attitude, leadership style, safety and health training and effective communication that may have an impact on OSHAPM which are safety and financial performances in the automotive industry. This study theoretically reviewed prior literatures on same problems in our Malaysian industry. Based on previous study, there are positive relationships between OSHA practices and OSHA performances major on safety and financial performances. The target was to reduce some problems in research.

The Effect of Reading Experience on Using Grammar in Writing in Elementary Iranian EFL Students PDF
Mohammad Bagher Shabani, Mohammad Reza Salek
Research on the effect of reading experience in enhancing writing ability supports the contribution of reading experience to better writing by EFL students. Therefore, the present study aims at investigating the influence of certain teaching methods in the domain of reading comprehension on the development of writing ability. The subjects chosen for the study were twenty female language learners studying at a private Language Institute in Ilam. In which, the subjects were divided into a control group and an experimental group. In the control group, the techniques of paragraph writing were taught and the students were given topics to write paragraphs. In the experimental group, besides the teaching of techniques, students were provided with extra reading materials. The data was collected on the topic of a paragraph that students of both groups wrote at home in the seventh session. Data analysis was done through utilizing a t-test. The results of the analysis revealed that reading experience had no effect on students' writing at this level.

Geographic View of the Industry Northeastern Montenegro with Special Emphasis on Handicrafts PDF
Goran Rajović

The paper presents a geographical view of the industry northeastern Montenegro. The aim of this paper is to highlight the development, deployment, structure of the industry and the impacts of industry on the environment. At the beginning of the nineties, Montenegro, like other socialist countries entered a period of transition. Begin the process of transition is associated with a number of negative effects, such as the decline in employment and output decline, with the increase of prices. Are industry has been blocked and moved his powerlessness logic. Handicraft activity characteristic of development that does not fit are needs of the population and economic development for diverse and quality products and services. One of the major needs of the transition is to discern the vision of the system pursued, and the choice of the privatization model, which leads to the realization of that vision. A chance to entrepreneurship in the region, it is the formation of small businesses, which are in the conditions of market economy, is gaining in importance. In fact, distinguished by a high degree of flexibility, it is easy to adapt to the changes and demands of the environment in which they are located. Secure for themselves not only survival, but also adequate growth and development, quality specialist, they are easier to manage, easier for them to achieve higher revenues, faster invest, easier to export, easier to innovate, they have an offensive entrepreneurial spirit, providing dynamic local development, both qualitative problem solving unemployment. However, a large number of regulations and obligations in small businesses suppressed private initiative.

Economic and Social Reserves Rationalization Jobs Based on their Attestation PDF
Leonid Kovalev, Igor Kovalev
This article addresses the need to work on job evaluation, which is an important means to improve the efficiency of the agricultural enterprise and social adaptation of workers. We study the problem and discuss some of their solutions related to certification and rationalization of employment service enterprises agrarian industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus. The substantiation of the economic and social feasibility of the work at the plant to improve the organization of labor, which provides significant savings reserves, primarily save time and labor in agriculture.

Nigeria’s Peace Keeping Role in Darfur PDF
Arinze Ngwube

Foreign policy of any nation serves as a mirror of its domestic reality. It begins with identification and articulation of national interests. It is very important to assert that whatever this nation’s interest represents, serves the principal consideration in the formulation and execution of national policies both at domestic and international levels. One of the cardinal points of Nigerian foreign policy is the maintenance of peace and security in Africa .This has enabled her to play an active role in peacemaking and peace keeping in the continent since independence. Nigeria has participated in many peacekeeping and related missions globally. In line with her foreign policy, Darfur is not an exception. Nigeria has not only been a key actor in political efforts to mediate in the Darfur Crisis, but in addition has provided a bulk of her troops to the African-Union-United Nations hybrid peace keeping mission in Darfur.

The conflict in Darfur constituted a threat to Nigeria’s security largely because of Darfuri links to neighbouring states which are close to Nigeria. The possibility of the flow of refugees from the conflict area into Nigeria could be a problem. The implication on the security and welfare of Nigerians is an issue that cannot be ignored. The maintenance of peace and security, especially on the continent of Africa, is an abiding interest which Nigeria is committed towards. All the above justify Nigerian involvement in resolving the Darfur crisis. Depending on the precise terms of mandate a key role for peacekeepers is to patrol the grey area zone during the climax of the conflict. But so far the evidence suggests that Nigerian contingent have not been able to effectively handle this aspect. The absence of a national policy on peacekeeping has made it difficult to define the nation’s participation with clear political and economic objectives and without an exit option. In view of the issues raised above, it has become necessary to review Nigerian peacekeeping efforts so far, in order to ascertain the benefits and loss. There is no doubt that the Nigerian contingents faced serious challenges in the form of finance, equipment, and mandate which all affected her operation in Darfur. This paper will therefore look into these challenges and the Nigerian contingent’s achievement against the backdrop. It will draw the attention of the leadership to the lapse and suggest improvements for the future.

The Role of the Economic Financial Crime Commission in the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria PDF
Arinze Ngwube, Chuka Okoli
Corruption is a major societal problem in the 21st century. It is prevalent in developing countries as well as in the developed ones. During the 1980s and 1990s, major banking frauds and corruption scandals occurred in many countries. Nigeria has experienced its fair share of such scandals, especially during the military era and even its current democratic dispensation. The impact of corruption on our national economy has manifested in different kinds of political, social, and economic vices. This led to the formation of the EFCC by the Obasanjo administration to find ways of tackling and eradicating corruption in our society. Using observation method and secondary sources, the paper examines how the EFCC has been able to address corruption in Nigeria, Some recommendation were made in response to the finding.

Pastoral Care Response to Involuntary Singleness among Christian Youth in Africa PDF
Stephen Oladele Ayankeye
One of the challenges confronting the church in Africa at present is the issue of difficulty in getting settled maritally by the youth. This is a problem because marriage is a vital socio-cultural phenomenon that Africans rate highly. Inability to get married at the culturally expected time poses a great crisis to the youth concerned which the church cannot afford to ignore, particularly due to the communal nature of life in Africa. It is therefore, necessary for pastoral caregivers in Africa to utilize the functions of pastoral care to help the youth involved. These functions include healing, sustaining, guiding and reconciling. It is strongly believed that life will become more bearable for the Christian youth in Africa if this approach to crisis intervention is used.

The New Labor Contract Law in 2008: China’s Legal Absorption of Labor Unrest PDF
Parry Leung, Alvin Y. So

Since labor protests in China are not directed at the post-socialist party-state but only directed at individual enterprise on a case-by-case basis, the Chinese party-state has articulated a response what can be called “legal absorption of labor conflict” by setting up new labor legislations more congruence with the interests of labor. The aim is to improve the wage and other compensation for individual workers without at the same time leading to the rise of working class at a collective level to form a class-wise organization or to engage in a collective social movement. However, previous labor laws set up before 2008 have failed to stop the abuses of business on the Chinese workers. In this respect, many researchers have labeled the 2008 Labor Contract Law as the most significant piece of Chinese labor legislation passed in recent years. The aim of this paper is to examine the distinctive features, the historical process of the making, and the impact of the Labor Contract Law at the turn of the 21st century. In the conclusion, this paper will discuss the implications of the Labor Contract Law for meeting the challenge of labor unrest in China.

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