An Investigation into Care-Label Knowledge on Textile Products by Chesvingo Residents in Masvingo Zimbabwe

Isabel M. Mupfumira, Nyaradzo Jinga


The study examined knowledge of consumers on the care labels found on textile products. A qualitative survey was conducted to collect data for the study from the residents of Chesvingo high density suburb in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. The population of the study comprised women in Chesvingo, retail shops and flea markets in the city of Masvingo. The participants were drawn using convenience and availability sampling. The study involved three retail shops, two flea markets and ten women from Chesvingo residential area. Data was collected through the interview, questionnaire and observation. It was established by the study that some clothing from both the retail shops and flea market did not have care information. It was also established that most of the women did not follow information on the care labels due to lack of knowledge on their meanings and application. The study recommends community based teaching programs on care labels, and that all textile products should have care labels to facilitate proper care of textiles.

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