Assessment of Socio-Economic Vulnerabilities among Urban Migrants in South-East Delhi, India

Haroon Sajjad, Purva Jain


The association between vulnerability and its indicators physical, social, economic and health among poor migrants was examined through primary field survey using structured questionnaire. Five regions namely Abul Fazal, Batla House, Noor Nagar, Okhla Vihar and Zakir Nagar were purposively selected since these areas have high concentration of poor urban migrants. For evaluation of Composite Vulnerability Indices in South-east Delhi, we followed relative approach used by UNDP for developing HDI on an inter-country basis.  To verify relationship between vulnerability and its variables, Karl Pearson’s two tailed correlation was performed and it was found that there exists statistically significant positive and strong correlation among indicators of vulnerability. The results of our study showed Okhla Vihar and Zakir Nagar highly vulnerable and Abul Fazal, Batla House and Noor Nagar relatively less vulnerable. Hence all regions require priority for socio-economic development. CVI has proved significant tool for measuring relative vulnerability in the region.

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