Four Sources of Uncertainty in Communication Ontology

Ștefan Vlăduțescu


The study examines the uncertainties regarding the elements of Communication Ontology from the theoretical universe of communication discipline.

There are three primary analytical findings:

a) a coherent and rigorous ontology of human communication is missing;

b) communication as discipline has no thoroughly explicit ontology;

c) the current rudimentary ontology of communication is under the standards of a rigorous and robust ontology.

The main identified sources of uncertainty are the following:

a) the fact that the attitude and behavior of the communication discipline to take seriously as a discipline was established only in 1990’s;

b) the fact that a discipline without a secular past, communication cultivates itself as always being at the beginning;

c) the fact that, being always met and treated with courtesy, communication discipline has built hardly "face" among other subjects, leaving a false impression of instability;

d) enjoying success without making waste of effort and acting as "being on her own", communication did not, like other disciplines, the effort to define clear, to establish and impose an ontology.

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