Crisis of Suicide: A Pastoral Psychological Approach

Stephen Oladele Ayankeye


The issue of death is a common phenomenon among humans.  As common as it is however, the way one dies is a serious concern in the African setting, in particular.  Death by suicide is a detested experience among Africans because there are various supports that should prevent this abrupt and self-destroying practice. Regrettably, in the face of communal resources that could address existential challenges, some persons still commit or attempt suicide. This paper has attempted to consider suicide as a crisis.  Types of suicide have been discussed from sociological and suicidological perspectives.  Reasons for suicide options include unenduring psychic pain, unmet need, loneliness, and avoidance of shame, among others. Recommendations were made for preventive and curative treatment of the challenge.  Ministry of presence and support are vital among the suggestions that pastoral care givers should embark upon. This will help in making life meaningful and bearable in the face of existential questions persons raise in the contemporary experiences in Africa.

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