Drug Abuse and Political Thuggery among the Youth in Kano Metropolis:A Modern Civilization or Resource Mismanagement?

Ali Ado Siro


Most of the world’s development strategies largely depend on the youth. This societal segment is believed to assist in producing sustained economy, social justice and stable democracy of a nation. It is therefore very important if the society could produce qualitative youth to make these a reality. The thrust of this research is to understand the relationship between drug abuse among the youth and political thuggery in Kano Metropolis with a view to proffer solutions to the problem.Youth were interviewed from some selected drug abuse joints using questionnaire. Also, some drug abuse specialists were contacted to generate relevant information. Majority of the youth interviewed were at their tender ages of inducing their peers and involve in political thuggery that calls for rivalry, killings, injuries, opposition clashes etc.The data indicate that majority of the drug abusers are employed, although economic factors suchas profit maximization encourage drug abuse habit among them. Lack of higher educational qualifications is another factor that pushes the youth into drug abuse and subsequently to politically related crimes. Similarly, political thuggery is a factor responsible for drug abuse among the youth in the study area.The study concludes that in order to attain a virile state of political integration, parents should monitor their children’s movements and the company they keep; marital disputes should be avoided by the couples themselves; leaders should stop using the youth in achieving their personal political interests; and religious leaders should be more involved in the youth’s upbringing.

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