Sustainable Economic Development through Environmental Management Systems Implementation

Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra, Elena Antoanela Cotoc, Aurelia Traistaru


Environmental Management protects valuable environmental assets, manages local areas on the most suitable way and develops relationships between people and the natural environment. Organizations are increasingly concerned to achieve and demonstrate environmental performance, controlling their activities, products or services on the environment. These issues are enrolled in the legislation context more and more stringent, of the development of economic policies and other measures designed to encourage environmental protection, increase business concern on environmental issues, including sustainable economic development.

Thus, the complex systems of the integrated management (environmental, quality, security, energy) provide the circumstance for continuous improvement of industrial performance, including product quality and prevention and reducing environmental pollution.

EMS implementation requires a thorough regard of some phases (stages) characteristic of the environmental analysis performed by an organization. The 19 stages of EMS implementation outline the steps that the organization follows to develop an effective environmental policy.

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