Message as Fundamental Discursive Commitment of Communication

Ștefan Vlăduțescu


The study is circumscribed Communication Ontology. It is based on two preliminary observations. First of all, as usual linguistic term, the message is clear and passive idea. On the other hand, as a concept, the idea of message is active, confused and elusive that needs clarification.

Our approach is centered on clarifying site zetetic message across meanings generated in the communication process. Since the entire amount of meanings (created, co- constructed, generated, resulting in communication) which constitutes the discourse, is fundamental to detect contours, configuration and figure of the message.

Corpus starting material consists of incidental reflection of the specialist in semiotics Roland Barthes on how to communicate a message such as "condolences".

From meta-analytic examination position of Roland Barthes and other leading specialists positions expressed over the years, like G. Bateson, R. Rommetveit,  G. Gerbner, D. K. Berlo, M. Burgoon, C. R. Berger,  B. J. O'Keefe, J. G. Delia, M. E. Roloff, G. J. Shepherd, W. Douglas, P. D. Battista, M. L. Fleming, W. H. Levie, P. J. Shoemaker, S. D. Reese, J. O. Greene, J. P. Dillard, S. Kemper, K. Kemtes, R. Capurro, J. Holgate, B. R. Burleson, S. R. Wilson, are drawn five ascertaining-conclusive elements. I reflected on these elements making comparisons, building inferences, abductions, inductions and deductions and I set five axiomatic findings.

First axiomatic finding is that there is no pure message or there is no message as message: message exists only in concrete form of discourse. Second axiomatic finding is that communication message is the nucleus of the meanings of the discourse. Third axiomatic finding is that, in fact, the message is the rationale of the discourse. Fourth axiomatic finding is that message production and discourse production are parallel and concatenated. The fifth axiomatic finding is that the message determines the form, type, shades and tones of the significance of the discourse.

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