The Main Construct of the Chinese Bouyei College Learners’ ECA

Jianhua Wei


The study in use of the FLCAS investigated 320 Chinese Bouyei college learners’ English classroom anxiety (ECA) based on Horwitz et al’s model of the general FL anxiety construct, i.e., communication apprehension CA), test anxiety (TA), and fear of negative evaluation (FNE), as well as the relationship between such ECA construct and the four independent variables, i.e., gender, field of study, level of academic year, and level of college. The results illustrate that although the levels of the overall ECA construct were moderate, some individual dependent variables were found as “high-level” anxieties within each of the three ECA components; significant differences were partly found between the three ECA components and the independent variables. Analyses and discussion were made with relative indications for instructors as to what the results really mean and how they could pay attention to for the purpose of helping resolve the problems of the Bouyei college learners with various sorts of anxieties.

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