Private Sector Capacity in the Management of Urban Solid Waste in Ghana – A Study of Zoomlion in the Wa Municipality

Patrick Aaniamenga Bowan


Urban waste management is drawing increasing attention, as citizens observe that too much garbage is lying uncollected in the streets, causing inconvenience and environmental pollution, and being a risk to public health. Although government authorities apply all the means at their disposal, the piles of wastes only seem to grow from day to day. Some people suggest that private sector participation is the only way to provide solid waste management services. The objective of this paper is to assess the capacity of Zoomlion to manage urban solid waste in the Wa Municipality. The techniques used in this study were survey questionnaires, key informants interviews and focus groups discussions. The study revealed that Zoomlion lacks both the expertise and the equipment that are necessary for effective urban solid waste management. The study thus recommend that Zoomlion should employ waste management experts such as planners and engineers; and procure waste management equipment such as tipper trucks, tractors, front end loaders and landfill compactors to ensure effective urban solid waste management in the Wa Municipality.

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