Analysis of the Relation between University Students’ Life Positions and their Positive-Negative Affectivity

Ahmet Ragıp ÖZPOLAT, İsa Yücel İŞGÖR, Sırrı AKBABA


This study aims at comparing relation between life positions and positive-negative affectivity of university students in Turkey. 271 university students participated in the study; 147 of these students were female while 124 of them were male.  Age range was 19-22.  Life Position Scale developed by Boholst, and adapted to Turkish by İşgör, Özpolat and Kaygusuz was used in the study besides Positive-Negative Affectivity scale which was developed by Watson et al.; reliability and validity study of the scale was made by Gençöz. It was seen that Positive-Negative Affectivity changed according to Life Positions.

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