Health Challenges and Environmental Problems of the City of Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo

Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin, Li Jiang Feng


With urban growth uncontrolled today, African cities are faced with many problems that affect both the population and the environment. And, Pointe-Noire, oil industrial and economic capital of the Congo is not spared from its evils that undermine African cities. The major problem is that of the environment, which continues to attract the attention of researchers and sworn actors over the years. The urban environment of Pointe-Noire faces many challenges. This is due to the intense economic activities that develop but especially to the estimated oil production in thousands of barrels per day. The environmental issues are numerous and require adequate responses to save not only the planet earth that is more, in addition, threatened but also the human being who is in danger. In Pointe-Noire, pulmonary diseases, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and cholera are daily diseases encountered in hospitals in this ocean city. These health challenges and environmental problems require an appropriate response in order to save human beings from multiple dangers.

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