The Effect of Reading Experience on Using Grammar in Writing in Elementary Iranian EFL Students

Mohammad Bagher Shabani, Mohammad Reza Salek


Research on the effect of reading experience in enhancing writing ability supports the contribution of reading experience to better writing by EFL students. Therefore, the present study aims at investigating the influence of certain teaching methods in the domain of reading comprehension on the development of writing ability. The subjects chosen for the study were twenty female language learners studying at a private Language Institute in Ilam. In which, the subjects were divided into a control group and an experimental group. In the control group, the techniques of paragraph writing were taught and the students were given topics to write paragraphs. In the experimental group, besides the teaching of techniques, students were provided with extra reading materials. The data was collected on the topic of a paragraph that students of both groups wrote at home in the seventh session. Data analysis was done through utilizing a t-test. The results of the analysis revealed that reading experience had no effect on students' writing at this level.

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