The Role of Mbe in the Congolese Area Nineteenth-Twenty-First Century

OBA Dominique


From the nineteenth century, several European powers embarked on the conquest of Africa in order to establish the zones of influence and what became a few years after the colonies. These powers had thus engaged several explorers with secret missions. In Central Africa one can quote Stanley working on the side of Belgium under the domination of Leopold II king of Belgians, and on the side of France it was Savorgnan DEBrazza who founded the vast French empire in Central Africa. In 1880, he arrived on the Teke ground, here he established friendly relations with the Teke. Brazza signed with the Teke Kingdom a convention called Mbe. October 3, 1880, which later gave birth to Brazzaville in 1884, French Congo in 1902 and French Equatorial Africa in 1910.Mbe played a major role in the history of the current Congo. It is a small town that has existed for several years, remains today the seat of the Teke kingdom and continues to assume multiple functions on the economic, social and cultural level.

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