A Research on the Subjective Well-Being Levels of Pre-Service Teachers

Orhan TAŞKESEN, Ahmet Ragıp ÖZPOLAT, Aşkın Ceren TEVLİN, Şeyda ALICI, Şeyma ELMALI


This research focused on the investigation of the subjective well-being of the Faculty of Education students according to their departments. In this research, it was aimed to investigate whether there were any differences between the students in Faculty of Education, the Department of Art, and Music Teacher Training and the students in other departments in terms of their well-being levels according to the class and gender variables. This relational research was carried out with 450 (263 female, 186 male and 1 unidentified gender) students in 2014-2015 educational year. To determine the subjective well-being levels of the students, “Subjective Well-being Scale” was used. In order to test the difference according to the gender variable the unrelated samples t-test, for the difference according to the variables of class and programme, one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) were applied. It was not come across with a significant difference in the subjective well-being levels of students in the Faculty of Education according to their class and programmes. On the other hand, a significant difference was encountered in favour of girls according to the gender variable.

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