Geographic View of the Industry Northeastern Montenegro with Special Emphasis on Handicrafts

Goran Rajović


The paper presents a geographical view of the industry northeastern Montenegro. The aim of this paper is to highlight the development, deployment, structure of the industry and the impacts of industry on the environment. At the beginning of the nineties, Montenegro, like other socialist countries entered a period of transition. Begin the process of transition is associated with a number of negative effects, such as the decline in employment and output decline, with the increase of prices. Are industry has been blocked and moved his powerlessness logic. Handicraft activity characteristic of development that does not fit are needs of the population and economic development for diverse and quality products and services. One of the major needs of the transition is to discern the vision of the system pursued, and the choice of the privatization model, which leads to the realization of that vision. A chance to entrepreneurship in the region, it is the formation of small businesses, which are in the conditions of market economy, is gaining in importance. In fact, distinguished by a high degree of flexibility, it is easy to adapt to the changes and demands of the environment in which they are located. Secure for themselves not only survival, but also adequate growth and development, quality specialist, they are easier to manage, easier for them to achieve higher revenues, faster invest, easier to export, easier to innovate, they have an offensive entrepreneurial spirit, providing dynamic local development, both qualitative problem solving unemployment. However, a large number of regulations and obligations in small businesses suppressed private initiative.

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