City Government in Bangladesh: An Alternative Approach to Bring Efficiency & Effectiveness in Urban Governance

A.N.M. Zakir Hossain, Raqibul Hasan


Democracy and development are interelated. Bangladesh is facing a number of difficulties to ensure development through democray in every aspect of its life. City government is an approach to improve and accelerate the process of democracy through governance, where development is major concern, in urban areas of Bangladesh. The conflict between mayors and local MPs (Member of Parliament) is a common phenomenon that is account for failure the development programs in city corporations. The present study aims to clarify the present condition of urban local government and possibility of City Government in Bangladesh. The study found ruling party interfere in local election, which must be avoid, financial independence is crucial issue for city government which will be managed locally if city government established. Awareness of the people, literacy and motivation can increase people’s participation for effective governance in cities.  Public Accountability and maintaining hierarchy was also marked as an important for effective city government. Delegation of authority and autonomy of city (local) government were found the precondition to establish of city government in Bangladesh where party politics must be keeping away from.

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