The Challenges Facing Democratic Consolidation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Arinze Ngwube


Certainly, African countries are a long way from the predominance of cross-cutting cleavages and civic virtue that characterize such a civic community at any national level. This predominance would demand a transformation of political culture and an enormous accumulation of social capital in the form of these cross-cutting, civically engaged organizations. Nevertheless, in Africa, especially in the DRC, a potentially historic and profound process of change is underway. If this trend is nurtured, through the types of institutional reforms and external assistance, it could put a number of African countries firmly on the path to democracy, development, and political stability. And this success story would become a model for other countries, as they have in Asia and Latin America. Here lies the necessity for research on “challenges to democratic consolidation “as Africa countries stumble on this long road to democratization and consolidation.

Using mainly secondary sources and general observation method, the paper examines the challenges facing the democratic consolidation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and will recommend solutions.

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