Investigating the Relationship between Social Appearance Anxiety and Loneliness of Turkish University Youth



This study which investigates the relationship between social appearance anxiety and loneliness has been performed with survey model. The research has been carried out on 493 universty students (68,6 % (338) female, 31,4 % (155) male) of an avarege age of 19. Personal information form, Social Appearance Anxiety Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale have been used to collect the data of the research. T test, f test, simple correlation and regression analyzes have been utilized to analyze the data of the research. The results of the research have revealed that there is a significant differentiation between the social appearance anxiety and loneliness according to different variables and there is a positive significant correlation between social appearance anxiety and loneliness. And also the results Show that social appearance anxiety is an important predictor of loneliness. Recommendations have been developed in the light of findings that have emerged as a result of this research.

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