Values of Multiculturalism In The Process of Teaching and Learning the Dance Arts

Sutiyono Sutiyono


This writing explores the values of multiculturalism in the process of teaching and learning the dance arts at the state university called Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In result, it is mentioned that the Indonesian people as one that is composite on the basis of its diverse cultural background has experienced a great deal of repeated failures. It could be seen in the many problems of conflict and violence that frequently happen. To counter such problems, this writing offers the dance art teaching and learning process at State University of Yogyakarta as basis for character education designed with the theme of understanding multiculturalism in Indonesia. In the process of teaching and learning the dance arts, one often finds values of multiculturalism which could be processed to strengthen the direction of character education toward the importance of respecting and appreciating multiculturalism.

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