What Are the Academic Emotions of Intern Pre-teachers?

Ching-Sheue FU


Pekrun, Goetz, and Titz (2002) believed that emotions generated during learning are academic emotions. Intern pre-teachers are positioned between students and teachers. Learning environments for interns are different from classrooms. This study summarized positive and negative emotions from intern diaries and weekly diaries of 25 intern pre-teachers using content analysis. Then the data from another 47 intern pre-teachers were used for verification. The results show that intern pre-teachers had 8 positive academic emotions, including happiness, delight, joy, surprise, relief, pride, hopefulness, and gratefulness, and 6 negative ones, including anger, harassment, worry, nervousness, fear, and anxiety. The main source of positive academic emotions was "children counseling", while that of negative academic emotions was their "insufficient professional abilities".

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