Is Corporate Responsibility an Extension of Sustainability? An Empirical Investigation

Alphonse Kumaza, Yuanqiong He, Isaac Tettey


More often, research loosely fuses corporate responsibility with sustainable agenda and the environment in their demands for equity for stakeholder communities. In earnest, blending social responsibility with sustainability issues, including the environment is good and commendable. However, little authorial work is advanced to appropriately synergise the parameters to engender appreciation and compliance by corporations, which would also encourage scholarship attention from the research community. The paper, therefore, seeks to lead evidence in support of corporate responsibility is sustainability extension. It does this through a combination of two objectives, namely, the justification that corporate responsibility has sustainability embedded in its application and proof that business responsibility and sustainability be promoted unified, since both aims at similar goals. The empirical and concrete unification of social responsibility with sustainability and/or environmental accountability is the gap to fill in this study’s field. To achieve this task, interviews and survey data are triangulated through an SPSS regression technique for findings. Importantly, the result validates evidence that corporate responsibility is sustainability extension since sustainable enterprises incorporate environmental objectives in their corporate operations and, therefore, a strong authentication for the proposition. Suffice to note that until sustainability objectives are fused with corporate citizenship endeavours, the global campaign for safe and cleaner production can be unsuccessful.

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