Elders’ Perception of Rental Housing Quality While Ageing-in-Place in Core Residential Areas of Abeokuta, Nigeria

Olawumi Johnson DARAMOLA, Gbenga John OLADEHINDE, Adejompo FAGBOHUNKA


The study focused on elders’ perception of rental housing quality while ageing-in-place in core residential areas of Abeokuta, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted in selecting 92 elderly in the core residential areas of Abeokuta. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study showed that quality of housing elements, facilities and infrastructure that elders live in as they continue to age-in-place (floors, bathrooms, windows, ceilings, roof, power supply, sewage management, drainage condition and refuse management) as rated by the elders were not in good condition. The result from the study also established that elders were averagely satisfied with the available infrastructure. The study recommended that house owners should rehabilitate and renovate some housing elements in order to improve quality of life and well-being as elders continue to age-in-place in the environment. Government also should assist to improve the condition of the infrastructure identified in the study area that was not satisfied with by the elders.

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