Sero-Prevalence of Rubella Virus IgM Antibodies among Pregnant Women Attending Muhammadu Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital Kano

Koki Y.A., Taura D.W., Mukhtar M.D., Musa M.A., Adamu S., Muhsammad B.B.


Rubella is a generally mild illness and its serious complications are rare. Although a   major section of pregnant women are immuned, cases of rubella infection occur in Nigeria among pregnant women. This study was carried out to assess the prevalence of rubella virus IgM among obstetric population aged 15 – 47 with an average mean of 28.5 years attending Antenatal Clinic Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital Kano. Of the total 288 patients screened, 50 (17.4%) were reactive to rubella IgM. Out of 50 infected patients 20 (6.95%) were from 20 – 24 years age bracket representing the most  susceptible age group while the infection rate was lowest (0.35%) in 45 – 49 age group, even though when statistically analyzed rubella susceptibility is not age dependent (P = 0.894). Moreover, obstetric history and obstetric losses among various age groups with respect to rubella sero – prevalence shows that of the 50 reactive patients, 35 had a previous abnormal obstetric history. Premature delivery was observed to be almost uniform across all the ages with a prevalence rate of (13.0%), still birth was having the same prevalence with that of premature delivery but with highest frequency in 20-24 years age group. However congenital anomalies was found to have least prevalence rate of (6.5%), neonatal death has prevalence rate of 10.5% with declining frequency towards the ages of 35-49 years (P=0.02). It was found that rubella infection still occurs and rubella susceptibility has no relationship with age group.

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