Modeling Robustness of Business Ecosystem of End of Life Vehicles Players

Author(s): S. Keivanpour, C. Mascle, D. Ait-Kadi

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Abstract: End of life vehicles (ELVs) recycling infrastructure is a business ecosystem of players that similar to a biological ecosystem, the sustainability of this structure depends on the interaction among players. For evaluation, the robustness of this ecosystem, not only economic sustainability of players but also the environmental and social impacts of their strategies should be considered. Moreover, this assessment should involve market forces, the impact of government policies and society needs as well as technology market. In this study, we introduced a framework for modelling robustness of the business ecosystem of automobile recycling players considering the response to dynamical effects, stability and learning outcomes. The descriptions of building blocks of the model are adapted for modelling the car passenger recycling infrastructure in US; however, the architecture of the model can be used in other regions or even in other industries.