Fostering the Educational Policies of Somalia: Resolving Somalia’s Underdeveloped Economy through Educational Sustainability Development

Author(s): Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe

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Published: 2020-07-06


One of the major challenges facing Somalia and the rest of under-developed countries is the lack of proper educational planning to improve their sustainable economic development, boosting inclusive growth and promoting poverty reduction. One particular area they are missing is science and technology development in their educational programs.

In the last few decades, the world has witnessed a huge scientific and technological explosion. However, Somalia and the rest of the under-developed countries have lacked behind these developments. The failure to apply science and technology in their educational curricula is attributed as one of the major reason for failure to catch on world development as well as losing the national sustainability development plan.

Science and technology became crucial and critical to the process of modernising and developing national economies. Over the last decades, there have been many developments where some countries focused on science and technology education, while others lacked the spirit of applying science and technology in their education.

This paper will look at the contribution of science and technology (which in this writing will be extended to science and technology) can help the sustainable development of Somalia.


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