Assessing the Impacts of After-sales Services on the Performance of Household Energy Systems

Jean Paul Sibomana, Isaac Chitedze, Chrispin Gogoda Mbewe


After-sales services play a vital role on the performance of the system and business development. This study sought to assess the impacts of after sales services on performance of households’ energy systems in Rwanda. The study was intended to find out what people currently believe in, the current situation and determine peoples’ perceptions towards after sales services. The research study relied on primary data collected using questionnaires and interview guides. Data gathered from the questionnaires were analysed quantitatively using statistical package for social sciences SPSS version computer software which generated both descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings revealed that after sales services are very important in mitigating possible break down of the households’ energy systems. Households that receive after sales services for their home energy systems experience less frequent break down of their systems compared to those that hardly receive. The research thus, recommends that firms should ensure that ASS is an integral part of product offering to be given the same value as installation process, to adopt a good pricing strategy and monitoring customers’ behaviour to the benefit of both sides.

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