One Belt One Road initiative: A Revolution on Regional and Global Development

Md Saddam Hossain, Md Saddam Hossain


The One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is a historical landmark which intends to connect more than two-thirds of the world population and opening up the windows for reviving global business, peace and infrastructural development across the countries. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the OBOR initiative in general and also, to analyze its contribution towards economy and development. The sources of this paper are the published literature, newspaper articles and web information. The paper suggests that though some countries will be benefitted more due to the strategic location advantages, all the member countries will be advantageous if they can use the opportunity with better policy implementation. The authors hope that this paper will be useful for the academicians, policy makers and businessmen who want to study further and implement policies according to the OBOR plan.

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