Geographic Favor of Analyzing Rural Space: The Case Rural Local Communities Kralje

Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović


The paper analyzes the possibilities of development of the rural communities of the local Kralje. Types of Natural Resources and its qualitative characteristics are favorable for the development. However, analysis of the survey shows rural farming local community Kralje is not in agreement with all available natural conditions. Disagreement between the available natural resources and modern rural agriculture is determined economic policy, tradition, demographics, economic structure and market. Natural tourist attractions of the rural local community’s Kralje are respectable potential for future tourism development and as such offer the possibility of practicing different: sports - leisure activities, fitness for a stay and rehabilitation. In addition, the rural local community Kralje provides opportunities for tourism development of special needs: rural tourism, hunting, fishing, sightseeing tourism, hiking in nature. Encouraging entrepreneurship and creation of conditions for its development is matures, inexhaustible opportunities for organic health food. The new rural development strategies must be equally'' cover'' the economic, demographic and socio-cultural dimension of development. This, of course, goes to the local initiative, which should based on the needs, interests and possibilities of community residents. In accordance with the concept of sustainable development is expected to work culture is based on humane principles ecumenical environmental and social performance. Going environmentally sound society is our essential needs, but also the obligation.

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