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Non-accounting Students' Academic Performance and Introductory Financial Accounting Course: A Case of Great Zimbabwe University [2011 to 2013] PDF
Munyaradzi Duve
The introductory financial accounting course is covered at undergraduate as one of the core courses in many business degree programmes. This research came to the attention of the researcher as a result of poor performance, repeats and even a few withdrawals. The purpose of the paper is to examine the factors that influence the academic performance non-accounting students in introductory financial accounting course. A study was carried out over a two year period covering 250 students from commerce students at Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo. The students were majoring in Economics, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Office Management, Transport and Logistics, and Information Systems. Several independent variables related to students' age, course structure, teaching methods, student motivation and effort, student aptitude and application, student preparedness, accounting background, learning innovation, and mode of entry were considered. Some of these variables showed some significant relationship with performance. A cross tabulation showing the spearman correlation was constructed to further clarify this. The results emanating from this paper could assist in redesigning and improve delivery of financial accounting course material. Students using the tutorials had significantly lower course drop rates and better pass rates. Tutorial use was correlated with higher examination scores, although the effect was moderate.

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