Vol 12 (2020)

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Reviewing the Relationships between Stock Exchange Price Indices and Their Determinants PDF
Mohamed Ibrahim Mugableh

This paper reviews studies that examined the relationships between stock market indices and their determinants in different countries using time-series models like vector autoregressive, vector error correction, and generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic models. The results showed that the stock exchange price indices were significantly influenced by their determinants like macroeconomic variables.


Improving Management of Construction Costs in Vietnamese Building Enterprises: A Case of Hai Thanh Construction and Trading Joint-Stock Company PDF
Nguyen Thi Thuy, Tran Thi Thuong, Nguyen Thi My Le

Economic integration has created many opportunities and challenges for Vietnamese enterprises. Construction enterprises are also received benefits from this integration. In order to strengthen competitively and develop sustainably in the market, Vietnamese construction enterprises need to have the right strategy and cost effective management methods. Hai Thanh Trading & Construction Joint-Stock Company has operated in construction field for 14 years. However, there are some shortcomings in the management of construction cost of this company. Hence, this study researches about management of construction cost in this company to give some suggestions to improve this management process for Hai Thanh Trading & Construction Joint-Stock Company in particular and construction businesses in general.


Physical and Psychological Conditions of Work: Implication of Industrial Peace and Harmony PDF
Babalola Oluwayemi Oginni, M. Florence Famolu
The paper examined the physical and psychological conditions of work with focus on industrial peace and harmony of an organisation. The paper identified sources of stress to include individual, organisation and environmental factors such as changes in business cycle create economic uncertainty, work overload, a demanding and insensitive boss, and organizational policies, family issues, personal economic problems and interpersonal relationship. Among the various variables in the sources of stress, death of spouse, divorce and marital separation were found to be potent more than any of the other factors although differs with reference to personality types as individual with type B are less reactive to some of the causes of stress and management of stress is of two folds than individual with type A i.e. concern for individual and concern for the organisation in order to achieve industrial peace and harmony. It was concluded that the physical and psychological conditions of work in any organisation will determine the quantum of industrial peace and harmony and thus recommended that need to understand the emotional conditions of employees and show empathy in order to foster sense of identity and belongingness.

Receiving Positive Word of Mouth & Spreading Positive Word of Mouth: The Role of Trust PDF
Nguyen Xuan Tho

This study aims to propose a dyadic viewpoint on positive word of mouth so as to explore what information that the greenhorns considered to select the mobile network for the first time in Taiwan. Given a standpoint on positive word-of-mouth dyad (positive WOM dyad), the role of trust is considered as a mediating variable of the relation between “positive word-of mouth influence” (WOM influence) and “positive word-of-mouth spread” (WOM spread). Two mediation models were established to examine the mediating effect of trust in this relationship and the structure equation modeling (SEM) was employed to test proposed hypotheses. The results show that trust plays a partially mediating role in the relation between WOM influence and WOM spread. The study’s findings not only have some significant contributions to the literature of marketing, but also open some practical issues for mobile carriers in Taiwan market. It suggests that the mobile carriers in Taiwan should find out their own ingenious business strategies to enhance consumers’ trust and foster a long-term relationship with their customers.


Changing Pattern of Consumer Goods and Services in Rural Markets and their Role in Rural Development: A Case Study PDF
Tanveer Asif, Mohammad Muqeet Khan

The paper analyse the rate of change of consumer goods and services in different rural markets and their role in rural development. The study is based on primary data collected through field survey of Aligarh district in Western Uttar Pradesh in India. Thirty rural markets have been undertaken for the detailed field work. To assess the changing pattern of consumer goods and services, a detailed assessment of 7 selected variables, namely, (i) grocery stores, (ii) electrical shops, (iii) electronics shops, (iv) building materials and sanitary ware shops, (v) garment shops, (vi) stationery shops, and (vii) bicycle, bike and automobile agencies/service centres, over a time period of 20 years has been made. Study shows high change in the share of consumer goods and services which indicates the rising aspirations and demands for various types of household goods in the study area.

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