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The Assessment of SAS Accreditation for BBA Programs on University Statistics Learning PDF
Meining Wang
Traditional mathematical methods built around exactitude have limitations when applied to the processing of educational information, due to their uncertainty and imperfection. Alternative mathematical methods, such as grey system theory, have been widely applied in processing incomplete information systems and have proven effective in a number of fields. In this study, an assessment indicator system is developed, based on the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), through statistics building on the initial indicators of the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) assessment system in China. The proposed system assesses the accredited indicators of the GDUFS BBA program using grey comprehensive evaluation methodology. The results accord with the actual situation, supporting the accuracy of the assessment model, research theory and methodology. In addition, this paper analyses and sorts degrees of satisfaction for program indicators with the adoption of the grey correlation analysis method, to provide a basis for decision-making. Key words: Multilevel comprehensive assessment, International accreditation, SAS, Business programs.

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