The Role of Work Stress on Emergence Psychological Burnout Phenomena: Private Hospitals in Northern region (Case Study)

Mohammad Turki Al-Bataineh, Mohammad Al Zoubi


The aim of this study is to identify the role of work stress on emergence psychological burnout phenomena in private hospital in northern region. To examine the role of work stress on emergence psychological burnout phenomena, I selected private hospitals (Northern Region) to be our case study, Population Research were 430 an individual selected 258 as sample research represent 60%. The main result was Organizational structure, Conflict role and Organizational environment has significant positive influence on emergence psychological burnout phenomena, while ambiguity role hasn’t significant positive influence, Employees feel uncomfortable about   the way they have treated some recipients, and Employees do things that are apt to be accepted by one person but not by others. I recommended that managers and supervisors should increase utilizing Channels of communications (from top to down and bottom up) and managers and supervisors should encourage the confidence in their leadership by their employees.

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