Development of Theory and Practice of Program Resource Management

Author(s): Venelin Georgiev

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Abstract: One of the issues that are often in the focus of discussions at various circles experts are related to the field of security and innovation. According to some authors the development is security and no security without development. Experts in innovation, in turn, try to classify the phenomenon in which are willing to accept the existence of evolutionary, radical and systemic innovation. Discussion on both topics can be carried in the field of resource management and this will not be a mistake because of two facts. Firstly the limited amount of resources is always a reason to think about the efficiency of their management. At stake efficiency means degree of suitability for implementation of certain tasks and achieving certain goals. Secondly, issues of innovative development of approaches to resource management are extremely important and never lose relevance. All of the above should convince the readers of the correctness of the choice of theme or object of study.

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