Tourism Industry in Tanzania: The Missing Links to Become an Attractive and Competitive Tourist Destination

Author(s): Richard Ibrahim Msuya

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This paper analyzes the performance of Tourism Industry in Tanzania based on the Model of Tourism Destination Competitiveness and Attractiveness (TDCA) as proposed by Vangesayi, S (2003). TDCA Model has been derived from the theory of Demand and Supply. The paper used desk research to collect and analyze data. Different information has been extracted from Tanzania Bureau of Statistics and papers from different sources to come out with results presented in this paper.

The paper found that Tanzania's Tourism Industry is not absolute attractive and competitive despite of being among world's top seven destinations with abundant in natural resources. Poor tourist infrastructures, poor health services, poor hygienic environment, poor human resource development, less price competitiveness and poor diversification of tourist products are among the factors which constraints the performance of the tourist industry in Tanzania.

The paper suggests on diversification of tourist products from Wild Safari in Northern Circuit and pays attention to develop other products such as cultural tourism, beaches, urban tourism found in Southern Circuit. Government of Tanzania should set aside enough funds to develop tourist infrastructures such as roads and airport which seemed to be critical challenges. Promotional campaign should not only focus Europe and United States but also Middle East and Asia and Pacific region.

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