Variation of Attitude among University Students towards Entrepreneurship Education

Buba Musa Pulka, Rimamnde Rikwentishe, Umma Aliyu Usman Mani, Mallo Mangai Jossiah


This paper examines the differences of attitude towards entrepreneurship education among students of some selected universities in north eastern Nigeria. Five universities where purposively selected, the respondents were randomly selected and stratified into two groups, males and females, science and humanities. The data were gathered through the use of structured questionnaires on four points Likert scale, ranging from strongly agree to strong disagree. Four hundred questionnaires were distributed and three hundred and seventy five were retrieved successfully from the respondents. SPSS version 16 was used in the analysis of the data. Descriptive, chi-square and t test were used to determine differences of attitude among the respondents. The chi-square results for the two hypothesis indicated that there is no significant differences of attitude among the respondents. Where the calculated value is 2.5628 and the tabulated value is 24.996 for the hypothesis one. Calculated value is 4.0609 and the tabulated value is 24.996 for the hypothesis two. The data was subjected to further statistical analysis using t test. The t test results confirmed the chi-square test results.

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