An Investigation into the Factor Structure of Academically Optimistic Culture, Enabling School Structure and School Mindfulness Scale (Case: Tehran Primary Schools)

Fatemeh Narenjithani, Alireza Youzbashi, Farnoosh Alami, Masoud Ahmadzadeh


The current research study aimed to shed light on the multiple relationships between enabling structure, school mindfulness and the academic optimism of Elementary school teachers in Iran. To achieve this, 185 Iranian teachers were picked out on the basis of a multi-stage random sampling procedure. They were required to respond to three questionnaires: Academic Optimism of Schools, Enabling School Structure, and School Mindfulness Scale. Furthermore, to analyze the gathered data, AMOS software in general and correlation research method in particular was utilized. The study finally revealed that enabling school structure and school mindfulness bear positive impacts on academic optimism. Additionally, the study signified a positive covariance between enabling structure and schools mindfulness; and also a positive relation between enabling structure and school mindfulness.

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