Magnetic Field and Chemical Reaction Effects on Convective Flow of Dusty Viscous Fluid

Author(s): P. Mohan Krishna, V. Sugunamma, N. Sandeep

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In this paper we analyses the laminar convective flow of a dusty viscous fluid of non conducting walls in the presence of transverse magnetic field with volume fraction and the first order chemical reaction is taken into consideration. An exact analytic solution is obtained for the temperature and concentration fields by using perturbative technique from these temperature and concentration fields, we obtain numerical solution for the velocity field  and we analyze the effects of velocity, temperature and concentration of the fluid at the various parameters as  t (time), M (Magnetic parameter), Pr(Prandtl number) ,Gr (Grashof number), K1(Chemical reaction parameter).From these we observed that increase in transverse  magnetic field causes the decrease of velocity of the fluid and fluid temperature decreases by increase in prandtl number and Concentration profile increases by increase in chemical reaction parameter.