Chemically Deposited Cuprous Oxide Thin Film on Titanium Oxide for Solar Applications

Author(s): P.E Agbo, G. F Ibeh, S. O. Okeke, J. E Epke

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Semiconducting cuprous oxide film (shell) was prepared by chemical bath method onto chemically bath deposited Titanium oxide thin film (core). The deposited films were treated under various annealing temperature up to 673K in order to determine the effects of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of the film. Our results showed that there is more crystallization and more orientation of the crystal growth with increase in temperature. TiO2/Cu2O core/shell thin film has a in the range of 0.8 "“ 3.5 m-1. The optical band gap lies between 2.99eV- 4.00eV. The properties indicates that the thin film can be used as coatings for suppression of UV radiations, in thermal control and solar control coating, electrical isolation and so on.