Impact of New Microbial PR/PGP Inducers on Increase of Resistance to Parasitic Nematode of Wild and RNAi Transgenic Rape Plants

V.A. Tsygankova, L.O. Biliavska, Ya.V. Andrusevich, O.N. Bondarenko, A.P. Galkin, O.A. Babich, V.E. Kozyritska, G.O. Iutynska, Ya.B. Blume


The bioprotective effect against parasitic nematode Heterodera schachii Schmidt of new microbial PR/PGP inducers on the wild spring rape plants of Kalinivsky cultivar and RNAi transgenic rape plants was studied. In the field conditions on the artificially created invasive background the considerable diminishing of amount of nematodes on the roots of wild rape plants up to 89.7 % - under action of Avercom and up to 38.5 % - under action of Avercom-nova 2 was found. The increasing of productivity of grain yields of infected by nematode wild rape plants up to 2775.6 pounds/ha - under action of Avercom and up to 2156.1 pounds/ha - under action of Avercom-nova 2 compared to control was observed. Using Dot-blot hybridization method the increase of difference in the degree of homology between the cytoplasmic mRNA from control rape plants and small regulatory si/miRNA from infected by nematode and treated with PR/PGP inducers Avercom, Avercom nova-1 and Avercom nova-2 rape plants: up to 30-39 % - for wild and up to 38-47 % - for RNAi transgenic plants was found. In the wheat embryo cell-free system of protein synthesis the considerable increase of silencing activity of si/miRNA isolated from infected by nematode and treated with these PR/PGP inducers rape plants: up to 26-43 % - for wild and up to 58-86 % - for RNAi transgenic rape plants on the templates both of nematode mRNA and rape plant mRNA was revealed. Results of the study indicate that PR/PGP inducers increase synthesis of si/miRNA with specific anti-nematodic activity in the rape plants. Owing to this process the increase of resistance of wild and RNAi-transgenic rape plants to parasitic nematode occurs.

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