Physico-Chemical Quality of Water, Sediments, Effluents and Biota in Alaro Stream and a Pond in Ibadan

Julius Idowu Komolafe, Tonye Okorie, Emmanuel Tyokumbur


A study was carried out on the physico-chemical quality of water, sediments, effluents and biota in Alaro stream and a pond in Ibadan.Impacts of effluents from Pepsi 7up and Sumal Ltd on Alaro stream and Isoglass Ltd on the pond that receives part of its effluents were studied in four months. Effluents, water and sediments samples were collected at the different points. Physico-chemical parameters, metals (trace and heavy) and non-metal concentrations were determined. Benthos   samples   were   also   collected   at   the   different designated points in Alaro stream and the pond and their populations were estimated. The metals concentrations of the samples showed that   effluents discharged by Pepsi 7up contained 1.44, 1.55, 3.51, 1.35,   1.30 and   1.29mgl-1 of Cadmium.  Nickel, Copper,   Arsenic,   Mercury   and   Lead respectively.  Sumal Ltd discharged effluents with 0.98, 3.58, 4 33, 1.04, 0.81, 0.85 mgl-1 of the same metals respectively while that of Isoglass Ltd contained 0.9,  1.24,  1.73, 0.95, 1.01 and 1.01 mgl-1 of the same metals respectively. The physico-chemical parameters of water obtained from the pond showed that mean BOD, DO, alkalinity, pH, Nitrates and phosphates were 3.17, 4.6, 2.30, 6.47, 25.6 and 1.12 mgl-1 respectively. At the point of entry of the combined effluents from Pepsi 7up and Sumal Ltd into Alaro stream the values were 2.19, 8.16, 378.25, 0.25, 45.98 and 0.87 mgl-1 in that order.       Metals (trace and heavy) concentrations of physidae and Potamogeton surrounding the pond and Eurypanopeus adspersus and banana sucker, Musa species surrounding Alaro stream (about 1 metre to the water) were determined. These showed a higher concentration than that of the surface water.

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