Strategically Alliances and Distinction Competitions: Study on Profitability Analysis: A Case of Al-Sahara Libyan Bank & BNP Paribas French Bank

Munir Ali Husien, Han Liyan


The enterprise who wish to continue in business should adopt the system of cooperation with other organizations engage in the activity, which assist it in achieving its aims and in achieving the objectives of economic institutions collaborating , the Utility is mutual in this case, because the common interest that emphasizes the need for cooperation.

The strategic alliance between economic option that promotes growth and development by allowing pooling capacities and competencies of allied economic organizations, this study and evaluation of its Profitability activities became important so as to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Where, the Profitability activity is one of the most important activities, which ensure the significant reason for the importance of evaluation. The research aims to study and analyze the Profitability which be applied at one of the commercial banks that operating in Libya (Sahara Bank), after entering into a strategic alliance with the French bank (BNP PARIBAS ).

The main results of the study followed: a) the lower on the value  of profits, the financial position and deposit certificates . b) there is a decline of dealing with the loss of important elements customers for lack of confidence in the foreign partner.

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