What Principles of Communication Law Are Violated in Manipulation

Ştefan Vlăduţescu


The study investigates how manipulators and manipulation deviate from some law principles of communication. The research falls within a comprehensive framework of manipulation It starts from the four features of fraiming accredited by R. M. Entman (1993): define problem, diagnose causes, make moral judgments, and suggest remedies. Analytical, manipulation is framed as follows: a) manipulation is defined as influencing persuasive intervention, b) manipulation illicit causes consists of interests regarding the “other”; persuasive joints of manipulation are mostly unethical and consist of induction of toxic opinions, attitudes and behaviors; there are two remedies for manipulation: refusal manipulation and detection plus annihilation of manipulation. However, design the fundamental features of manipulation over raster of principles of the Communication Law. It is found that the manipulation violates the following principles of Communication Law: the principle of accountability and responsibility, the principle of truth, the principle of good faith, the principle of impartiality and objectivity.

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