Seh Amongraga’s Moral Teachings about Family Rights and Obligations in Serat Centhini

Sutrisna Wibawa


Seh Amongraga is a main character in Serat Centhini who is a wali. As wali, his teachings contain high moral values so that they need to be known by society at large. Therefore, the moral teachings need to be further studied. Those discussed in the study concerned in this writing are limited to those about rights and obligations in the family. The purpose of the study is to unearth and formulate Seh Amongraga’s moral teachings about the family rights and obligations as seen from the viewpoint of moral philosophy. Serving as primary source in the study is the text in Serat Centhini while literature and research result discussing Serat Centhini serve as secondary source. The research procedure goes through the steps of data compilation, data reduction, data classification, data display, and the drawing of conclusion. The data are analyzed by means of hermeneutic and heuristic methods. The result of the study is that Seh Amongraga’s moral teachings about family rights and obligations as seen from the viewpoint of moral philosophy are reflected in his efforts to actualize the values of the rights and obligations with reference to sibling and wife as good guideline of behavior in the family. The moral teachings are norm references as guidelines for a person or a group of people in regulating behavior and as criteria in determining whether one’s attitudes and acts in the family are good or not.

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