Some Economic -Geographical Factors Development: The Case of Local Communities Kralje

Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović


The paper examines a number of economic and geographical factors of the local Community Development Kralje. Isolated traffic and geographical position adversely affect its economic and social development. The percentage reduction in population in the period 1948-2003 amounted to - 56.2%. The main characteristic of the modern development of the local communities are the processes of industrialization and urbanization. Age groups, due to migration and the reduction of fertility change and take on unfavorable characteristics, reduces the proportion of younger and older increases the proportion of the population. In both cases, the disturbed age structure has a reverse effect on the movement of the population (the size of reproductive contingent), but also to all other structures of the population (the size of contingent employment, population, contingent dependent population ratio ….). The paper finally points to survey results, and the analysis focuses on whether the respondents and their perceptions of the quality of living conditions in the village.

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