Evaluation of John Dewey in Terms of Articles Reflected in Periodicals in Turkey

Mustafa GÜÇLÜ


The aim of this research is to make a general evaluation of the articles about John Dewey published in the period of Cumhuriyet Age in Turkey.  For this aim, on internet and libraries some key word search was done in these tittles ‘John Dewey,  Dewey  and  J. Dewey’. The articles that were suitable were analysed with content analysis technique. After this practice, the articles were collected under some categories and evaluated. At the end of the research in the articles about John Dewey and published in the Cumhuriyet age, it has been found there are many reports on Dewey’s life, his views on education and philosophy and evaluations over his Works that has been translated to Turkish, his reports on Turkish Education System, the reflections of his Works to today’s education, his views on democratic education and his contributions to Turkish and world education systems.

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