Towards a Biblical Response to Myth and Discrimination against the Human Right of Albinos in Yorubaland

Olugbenga Samuel Olagunju


It has been widely reported by some international and local media (electronic and print) that Albinos in some parts of Africa are kidnapped and killed for ritual purposes. The worst hit countries are Tanzania, South Africa and Burundi. This dastardly act against the Albinos is an outright disrespect for the sanctity of human life as assured by the Almighty and their right to live as entrenched by the International Human Right Law. God has given human beings life and the United Nations Declaration for Human Right has guaranteed freedom for all people no matter their race, color and creed. It is unfortunate that the human right of the Albinos is being abused especially among the Yorubas where they are isolated and discriminated against because of the myth that surrounds them. They are called Afin or eni-orisa that is “one who belongs to the deity.” As a result of this myth, they are discriminated against and their human right is infringed upon. They are denied of essential amenities (such as education, employment and other basic life provisions) which are privileges of the free born.
This paper is a Biblical response to the myth and discrimination against the Albinos among the Yoruba people. The paper involves interview of some Albinos to ascertain the kind of abuses they suffer. It also makes use of on-line materials such as e-book, newspapers and articles that focus on human right of the Albinos in Africa, and more especially among the Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria. This paper recommends that the Albinos have right to life and they should be treated equally like any non-pigmented persons wherever they found themselves.

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