Inclusion of Home Economics Industrial Subjects in the Curriculum of Masvingo High Schools, Zimbabwe

Lilian Manwa


The aim of this study was to find out the inclusion levels of Home Economics industrial subjects in the curriculum of Masvingo high schools, Zimbabwe. This inquiry employed a descriptive survey design so as to establish the inclusion levels of the industrial subjects. A sample of forty-two participants was conveniently sampled from six high schools which were also conveniently selected from fifteen high schools in Masvingo. In-depth interviews and open-ended questionnaires were used as instruments to collect data from the school heads, Home Economics teachers and school pupils studying Home Economics subjects, respectively. Data were presented in narrative form and analysed around the research questions. The findings from this present study revealed that only six schools out of the fifteen high schools in the district are offering industrial subjects. The study established that three government schools and one mission school offered the subjects because they were chosen as pilot schools. This may imply that there is very little which is happening as far as the inclusion levels of the very important industrial subjects. The study also revealed that the major factors inhibiting the implementation of the policy to include industrial subjects in high schools were lack of resources, knowledge and information about the importance of the vocational subjects. The study therefore recommends that there is need for all stakeholders to put concerted efforts and finance the Home Economics subjects in order to improve on the implementation levels. School heads and or school administrators should be conscientised by the curriculum implementation section of the Ministry of Education on the importance of industrial subjects.

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